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How to restore from internal backups

The program keeps 100 internal backups that are made every time you enter the timetable program. It is also important to make backups on a regular basis onto an external Flash drive because if anything unforeseen would happen to the computer, the school timetable with the internal backups on that computer would be lost.

(Menu)->Support->Internal backups

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How to copy to another computer

Copy the complete time table folder to a flash drive, and from the flash drive, copy it onto the new computer onto C drive. This will take the data, program, activation and everything over.

If you linked on the network, remember to join the network campaign.

Download Manual P13

Starting with next years timetable

Copy c:\act folder to a new folder eg : c:\act_2020
Run c:\act_2020\scheduler.exe
1)    (menu)->Support->Download Update
2)    (menu)->Step 1 : Input
3)    [Input]->Students : [Promote] (top right)
You are ready to begin and complete input.
Training videos can be found at